Loll Materials

Recycled HDPE

All Loll outdoor furniture is made with recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). Because of its longevity, durability and lack of maintenance, HDPE plastic is used in countless practical applications such as food containers, outdoor playground equipment, kitchen cutting boards, bathroom partitions, and boat cabinetry to name a few. Lollís recycled material is sourced primarily from single use milk jug containers. All colors are post-consumer material, whereas the black material Loll uses is post-industrial HDPE. Post consumer HDPE is a material or finished product that has served its single use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for a landfill. In making furniture we generate waste too, but more than 95% of the waste from Lollís manufacturing process is sent to a local recycling plant where it is recycled again. For every pound of weight in a Loll chair there are an estimated 8 recycled milk jugs being used. By 2012 we estimate Loll has reclaimed nearly 26 million reclaimed milk jugs. From the HDPE plastic to the brass inserts and stainless steel fasteners, Loll furniture is also recyclable.

Lollís material is non-porous and will not collect dirt internally. All Loll HDPE material is colored with pigments that are added during the process of extruding the sheet. Colors are not a surface application but are consistent all the way through the material. All material has a UV package added with the pigment to reduce the affects of the sun and help to deter fading. White, black and darker colors resist fading more than lighter colors.


Pieces that include Richlite (credenzas) are available in "nutmeg and slate" colors. Nutmeg colored material uses 50% recycled content and are made with recycled old corrugated cardboard. "Slate" or black Richlite is FSC certified paper and will maintain its appearance longer outdoors than the ďnutmegĒ colored material. Richlite is a natural paper-composite that holds up outdoors with no maintenance and has a warm natural feel and appearance. Richlite will patina as it weathers and the lighter, natural colored material will redden or turn grayish. Black will remain black for years but with some apparent weathering.

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