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arbor house

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Price: $99.00 USD
We hate to brag...but the Arbor House is pretty The birds and you alike will appreciate a clean and modern approach to simple avian living. No assembly required with easy mounting with a simple sliding mount for easy cleaning out of the old nest. The front face utilizes locally harvested Arbor Wood thermally modified maple and will require no maintenance. The wood will grey-out over time.
arbor house
color: Charcoal Grey, richlite: White color: grey richlite: white_side
color: Charcoal Grey, richlite: Grey color: grey richlite: grey_side
color: Leaf, richlite: White color: green richlite: white_side
color: Leaf, richlite: Grey color: green richlite: grey_side
color: Cloud, richlite: White color: white richlite: white_side
color: Cloud, richlite: Grey color: white richlite: grey_side
color: Black, richlite: White color: black richlite: white_side
color: Black, richlite: Grey color: black richlite: grey_side
color: Apple, richlite: White color: red richlite: white_side
color: Apple, richlite: Grey color: red richlite: grey_side
color: Sunset, richlite: White color: orange richlite: white_side
color: Sunset, richlite: Grey color: orange richlite: grey_side
color: Sky, richlite: White color: blue richlite: white_side
color: Sky, richlite: Grey color: blue richlite: grey_side
color: Chocolate, richlite: White color: brown richlite: white_side
color: Chocolate, richlite: Grey color: brown richlite: grey_side
color: Sand, richlite: White color: sand richlite: white_side
color: Sand, richlite: Grey color: sand richlite: grey_side
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Notes on Colors
We have tried our very best to accurately represent product colors on this website. However, due to the nature of the recycled plastic we use and electronic media, color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on this website on your particular computer. Please request a sample to see actual product color.
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